Frequently Asked Questions

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Onboarding Ranch Hand

1) Ranch Owner/Manager subscribes to the app
2) Invite team members to join for free after registering the app
3) Your login for the mobile app is the same used for the online admin panel

Adding Cattle

1) Click on Cattle List
2) Add all of your cows before you add your calves. Cow section will not have parent ID so you will know you are in the cow section because of that.
3) Fill out whatever applies to the cow, you also have the ability to add custom fields to be more applicable to your operation. 
You have the ability to enter all of the information on the mobile app or the admin panel.
5) For calves, you have to enter the tag as ex: 1234 calf, due to herd history, we have to keep the calves and cows separated. I will have an update soon to create Unique ID’s for those you choose to keep as replacement heifers and herd bulls.
6) Year by year herd history will be available ASAP.

Expense Tracking

1) Enter Date of Invoice/Receipt
2) Enter in the general item/service (if there is more than one item, generalize it)
3) Reason for Expense 
4) Cost (if you bought more than one of the same item, enter cost per unit, then amount of units and it will total cost. If you bought several items, enter total cost of receipt, then unit as 1)
5) TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR INVOICE! This will automatically upload to your online desktop platform.

Feed Log

1) Enter Feed Date
2) Enter type of feed (You can customize this and add whatever you want)
3) If there is an amount of bales, etc, enter that
4) Type in Location of where you fed (Ex. South Pasture)
5) If you fed more than one type of feed that day, click the ‘+’ button to continue to add whatever you fed and where you fed it
6) In the feed log section, there is also a place to put mineral block, salt blocks, protein tubs, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Sick Treatment

1) Enter the tag number and choose whether you’re doctoring the cow or the calf
2) Select Date of treatment
3) Choose from the 7 Diagnosis Options (respiratory, pinkeye, footrot, structural, reproductive, metabolic or other)
4) Type out product name used for treatment 
5) Enter the dosage and treatment
6) Enter the processor name

Processing Cattle

1) You will be able to select all of the tags in your herd for processing
2) Select Date of Processing
3) Select Product or add new product used for processing
4) Enter Serial Number
5) Processors Names

Herd History

Decide what herd history you want to look into.



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